Plastic cards have lots of uses.

The plastic cards that are most popular when printing for your business are the gift cards. Additional plastic card uses include membership cards, loyalty cards, hotel key cards, and ID or event access cards.

Advantages of plastic cards:

Personal Brand Recognition -- There are lots of situations in which a plastic card has benefits for a business, but companies don’t think to print on plastic cards instead of traditional mediums like paper. First impressions mean everything; your aim is always to be remembered whether you are giving out loyalty cards, business cards, or information cards.

Best Gift Cards For Business make your business memorable.

While customers are sure to lose or throw away a paper card, a plastic one will stick around. A plastic card provides your customers with durability and superior quality over paper cards. Plastic cards will bring new clients to your business and will increase revenue in the process.

Do your business’s plastic cards deliver WOW appeal?

We offer lots of plastic cards that can meet your business’s needs, including reward and loyalty cards, business cards, gift cards, membership cards, VIP cards and passes, ID badges, promotional and discount cards, key tags, fundraiser cards, coasters, and more. Our team takes pride in working with you to print custom plastic cards that’s unique to your business! We can also provide the fastest turnaround in the industry on custom printed plastic cards, and other plastic products such as membership cards, photo IDs, plastic door hangers, loyalty cards, gift cards, and plastic business cards, in addition to a huge variety of other customized shapes.

Our digital production allows us to include any type of variable information for each individual card. Whatever elements you might need can be included: signatures, barcodes, photos, and more. We also provide an online pricing calculator designed to help customers see their pricing relatively easy based on the size, quantity, delivery time and other different options.

Our customers always rate our plastic cards with five stars. Some of our best setting products are gift and loyalty cards. 

We are able to number your cards and print variable barcodes on them.

We offer an optional magnetic strip and card encoding, so the cards ready to use with your POS system right out of the box. Do you need flexible sizes and shapes? We are able to create keychain tags, which can be used on their own or as a combination with a full-sized card. We’ll be glad to help you establish a program which provides custom plastic IDs to your company employees, event participants, or suppliers.

These IDs can be customized with any information that you require including ID numbering, photos, or barcodes. We offer both vertical and horizontal Plastic IDs. Handing out Plastic Business Cards is another way to help your business really stand out.

In addition to business cards, we can create all sorts of promotional reminders such as luggage tags, door handle signs, and more — virtually anything in a rectangular or circular shape. For something truly individual, we can make custom dies for your business. Check out our online plastic card calculator, which is very easy to use and which allows you to see the costs for the various printing options and quantities that are available.

Our online ordering system allows you to select features, shapes, sizes, amounts to print and the necessary turnaround time to get an accurate idea of what your project will cost. For your convenience, our printed plastic card customer service team works tirelessly to help you through the process.  Whether you’re just starting out with your first plastic card project or are already a seasoned professional, our time will make the process easy every step of the way.

3X5 Plastic Cards

Plastic Event Cards with Punch – 3'x5'

The Perfect Size! 

You can utilize both sides of our Laminated Identification (I.D.) Cards with punches to showcase a variety of data. Our variety of punches are perfect for any information layout. With rich color printing available on both sides of the card, you can tailor your message and create an unforgettable impression.

Our full-color card is the perfect size to be stored in a wallet or purse.  Ideal for luggage tags, ID cards, safety procedures, call lists, emergency numbers, code reference, visitor management, membership and loyalty cards, key tag accessories, student card, event passes, VIP cards, ID badge accessories, lunch or food programs, company motto – principles – mission statement, hospital extensions, company phone list, church prayer chain, school administration list, what to do in an emergency checklist, and more.

Product Size: 5 in. x 3 in. 

Country of Manufacture: United States

Additional Information

Item contains one punch (.5625-inch X .15625-inch punch at the top middle of the 3-inch size). Price includes printing in full color (four color process) on one or both sides.  Exact color matches, metallic and fluorescent colors not available in full-color.

Turn an index card into a pocket card!

3x5 Index Card Holder is semi-rigid plastic.

Holder will hold two or three 3x5 index cards or one of our plastic index cards.

  • Turn an index card into a quick reference pocket card
  • 3x5 Index Card Holder is semi-rigid plastic 
  • Outside dimensions: 3.125"(width) X 5.125" (height)
  • Slim edge design makes this holder compact 

Will hold two-three 3x5 Index Cards or one of our Plastic Index Cards

The outside dimensions are 3.125” x 5.125” 4X6 PLASTIC EVENT BADGES


You'll have a competitive edge over your competition with our plastic credential cards. Your client may throw away a paper card but will hold onto a plastic card.

Full Color Printed PVC Cards - 4 X 6 Inch | Full Color Plastic

You can customize our Full Color Printed PVC Cards - 4 X 6 Inch for yourself, your family, or a group while attending an event.

4x6 Plastic Cards | 25+ Years’ Experience |‎

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Lowest Prices Around with the Quick Turnaround Time.


Blank Cards for Printing. We Give You Rapid Delivery.

All blank plastic cards are in Stock.

You can use these cards as gift cards, reward cards, membership cards, and even business cards.

We provide superior quality blank and printable plastic invitation cards. We have a large variety of colors in stock also.

How to Print on Blank Cards

We have plastic card printers that allow you to use blank plastic cards for printing any image. With this option it is possible to create membership cards, loyalty cards, plastic photo ID cards magnetic stripe cards, and a variety of other options.


Custom Plastic Cards: Gift Cards, Business Cards & More

There are 36 different foil colors to choose from, magnetic stripe and numbering, and spot UV. We Design and Print Superior Cards.  Order plastic cards online.

Whatever your needs might be, we can create a card type for you: business, gift cards, rewards programs and much more.